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Men May Need Vein Treatment Too

June 9, 2016 • Fitzgibbons Vein Center • BlogVein Treatment

Billboards and advertisements for vein treatment commonly show a pair of smooth female legs—but men are also at risk for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), the condition that causes varicose and spider veins, particularly as they age. Men may be living with unnecessary pain just because of a cultural misconception that vein problems are a strictly female issue.


After exercising or working all day, men may feel leg pain but chalk it up to sore muscles or the unavoidable effects of aging. In some cases it could be a venous issue, and getting it treated could greatly improve their lives.


There is a lack of awareness for men on venous issues. Although it is thought to be more prevalent among women with a 3 to 1 ratio, several studies show a higher prevalence in men. According to the Edinburgh Vein Study of more than 1,566 individuals, 9.4% of men had CVI compared to 6.6% of women. Among the oldest age group from 55 to 64 years old, 25.2% of men had CVI compared to 12.3% of women. Another study printed in the Journal of Vascular Surgery found that in younger men (ages 17 to 39), deep vein problems were even more common (26.1%) than among similarly aged women (17.9%).


Because of the false belief that venous diseases and treatments are solely cosmetic, men often ignore unsightly veins or may not even notice them in the first place. If left untreated, a vein that could have been helped with a simple treatment can develop into something worse such as venous ulcers, leg sores, or deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism. Acknowledging that treatments are medically necessary, insurance companies will pay for them in order to improve your normal daily activities at home and at work.


Men treated at Fitzgibbons Vein Center have had life-changing results. A FedEx delivery man, a club promoter on his feet all day, and an avid runner have eliminated their leg pain and unsightly veins.


“My varicose veins were exceptionally large, especially for a male age 66; but after two treatments and follow-up work with sclerotherapy, they were reduced by 100 percent. They are totally gone!” said one patient’s review. “They have vanished and so has the aching pain which caused me to see Dr. Fitzgibbons.”


Neither men nor women should need to tolerate the pain associated with chronic venous insufficiency. Even if the source of discomfort doesn’t end up being a vein issue, getting an examination can rule it out or point you in the right direction for eliminating pain. Procedures are covered by insurance given medical necessity.


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