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A revolutionary new way to treat varicose veins, the VenaSeal treatment is like a superglue for the body. This innovative treatment by Sapheon offers a new way for surgeons to approach the varicose vein problem; VenaSeal is used to address varicose veins at their source. Most varicose veins are caused by the Small Saphenous Vein(SSV), the Great Saphenous Vein (GVS) or a combination of both of these pathways. The VenaSeal offers a less invasive way to close these veins off and eliminate the cause of unsightly and uncomfortable varicose veins for good.

The VenaSeal Procedure

The VenaSeal procedure is a simple and straightforward treatment administered by a medical doctor. Patients remain fully awake for the entire procedure, and pain is rare. The portion of the leg where the procedure will be performed is thoroughly numbed so the patient won’t have pain or discomfort during the procedure. Once the leg is numb, a slender catheter is placed within the vein. Through the catheter, the VenaSeal superglue is precisely injected into the damaged veins. Finally, the doctor applies a bit of pressure to the area to ensure that the vein is sealed shut.

The Results With Vein Superglue

The vein superglue has rapid results. Patients are ambulatory again within 20 minutes of procedure completion, and they may usually return to their normal routine right away. The varicose veins will begin to harden immediately, and this may be visually evident. Over time, patients will watch the vein vanish gradually. Eventually, the veins will dissappear completely in many cases. Patients can expect a rapid improvement in circulation once the veins have vanished. The current success rate of the superglue vein procedure is in the 97 percent range. Specialist clinics are currently charging around $3,500 for the VenaSeal procedure, but patients nationwide appear to believe the investment is well worth it.

3 Key Benefits of the VenaSeal Treatment

Traditional vein treatment techniques involve actually removing the offending veins themselves in many cases; multiple injection sides are used and there is both discomfort and inconvenience after the surgery. The VenaSeal treatment is designed to greatly reduce and eliminate the side effects and discomfort associated with traditional varicose vein treatment. Benefits of choosing this less invasive procedure include:
  • A single site: Instead of multiple injections or punctures, the VenaSeal treatment generally requires a single needle site. This minimally invasive approach is designed with patient comfort in mind and can help reduce discomfort after the procedure. Both endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation require multiple local anesthetic injections and punctures as the varicose veins are treated; VenaSeal eliminates these extra sites.
  • More than one vein can be treated at a time: Since multiple sites can be treated at once, the patient can experience fewer visits to the doctor’s office or treatment facility and less downtime and recovery time overall. This is particularly helpful to those who work full time or lead active, busy lives.
  • Compression hose are not required: The inconvenience and discomfort of compression hose after a procedure can keep patients from actually treating varicose veins. The VenaSeal those who are wary or worried about the level of care required after a procedure.

Why Should I Choose VenaSeal over Other Treatment Options?

Talk to your doctor about VenaSeal and learn more about your treatment options. If you are a candidate for the treatment, it can significantly decrease your downtime and recovery time and cut the amount of inconvenience and discomfort associated with varicose vein surgery.

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