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Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Don’t let unsightly spider veins force you to wear uncomfortable long pants in the heat or prevent you from enjoying the beach.

While not dangerous to your health, spider veins can make you uncomfortable and self-conscious. Spider veins are small purple or red veins that develop close to the surface of the skin, typically on the legs, and look like a spider’s web. They can be caused by pregnancy, birth control, occupations that involve a lot of standing, or even just genetics.

Cosmetic sclerotherapy is a specialty at Fitzgibbons Vein Center. At FVC the doctor—not a nurse or physician’s assistant—performs all sclerotherapy procedures.

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a solution into the vein, causing it to collapse and stick together, eventually fading from view. The consultation and procedure can be done as quickly as within one day.

Prior to the injection, the doctor will do a diagnostic ultrasound to map the veins and see the severity of the issue. Because of the low amount of discomfort, you will be awake during the injection procedure.

Recovery is generally easy. Just wear compression stockings and refrain from high levels of physical activity for a few days.

Because treatment of spider veins is a cosmetic procedure, it is not usually covered by insurance. If your veins appear larger and swollen, causing physical pain, you may have varicose veins; its corresponding treatment is more likely to be covered by insurance. The doctor can help you determine which treatment is best for you.

After cosmetic sclerotherapy, many patients are able to feel less self-conscious about their skin’s appearance. Call Fitzgibbons Vein Center today to schedule a consultation.

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